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Get full control of your workflow and workspaces.

Insight and report

Immerse yourself into tailor made indicators dedicated to your activities and monitor both performances & impact of your program against predefined objectives. Several dashboards help you identify the most relevant KPIs per program phase

  • Follow-up statistics of your call for applications at a glance: From submission to to new application, depending on the pipeline you designed.

  • Get feedback on ecosystem & stakeholder behavior to adjust your actions & program based on data-driven dashboards

  • Follow-up on a real-time basis both progress and assessment of every application at any step

  • Get an instant overview of programs progress splitted by designed and selected subactivities & streams; from coaching to deployment

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Access to a unique deep qualified database, Easily search per filters or trends, Manage your own startup wishlist

  • Access to a unique deep qualified database

  • Easily search per filters or trends

  • Manage your own startup wishlist

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Get and stay close to people within your organization by personalizing your communications at a large scale! Create diffusion lists, selected the channels (whatsapp, mail...)

  • Create lists

  • Write your message

  • Choose your chanel

  • Spread your message

  • Follow Gain a general overview of all of your communications using Activity Feed

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Application Management

Build highly robust and customizable forms with a seamless form builder, define evaluation criteria, assign members of a jury, rank applications based on assessments, and integrate the best projects into your program

  • An intuitive and customizable form builder

  • Sort your applications by status

  • Add add tags and sort applications

  • Customize your scoring engine

  • Assign evaluators to submissions

  • Online evaluation

  • Automated score calculation

  • Review, accept or reject applicants

  • Automatic email notification through startup square

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Event Management

Orchestrate & schedule your teams & programs appointments, coachings, masterclasses and any kind of events you may need with ease & centralization! Our scheduling module allows you to plan events, send multi-stakeholders invitations, automatic reminders, & tracks all engagement sessions.

  • Plan all the events and timeline of your program

  • Send invitations directly to participants’ calendars & track their confirmation

  • Monitor from the central calendar, all program participants events and activities planned

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Upload all the e-learning courses & materials your team or entrepreneurs batch need to follow, as well as quizzes to assess the learning progress within an interactive experience & a comprehensive track record on progress and scores of participants

  • Set up & organize learning modules

  • Upload your training materials online in video and/or text format

  • Set-up quizzes for all relevant modules

  • Access detailed participant centric reports for each completed module

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Everything you ever wanted to manage a startup funding. From documentation due diligence data room in accordance with the donors requirements to the funds release as well as full monitoring & audit of the use of fund with full transparency & accountability

  • Configure the list of documents to provide

  • Review the documents uploaded by startups

  • Validate each document individually and add comments if necessary

  • Release the funds once all the documentation has been validated

  • Check invoices, proof of payment, bank statement and other documents relating to the use of funds directly on Startup Square

  • Share access with thirds partis as donors and auditors

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Activity feed

Get a real-time stream of all the activity of your program, add filters for better readability, and stay up to date with all the events and activities of your programs

  • Access all of your program activities in a single view

  • Filter your activities by types and by startups

  • Click on the activity of your choice to access the details

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A comprehensive toolkit to boost stakeholder engagement and participation with a unique gamified workplace experience enabling commitment scoring of participants

  • A drive shared with all of your participants

  • Supports any type of document: Word, excel, powerpoint, pdf…

  • You can include for example: contract templates, financial plan templates, pitch deck templates etc.

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A media library to share with people in your organization all the photos and videos related to your program.

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You will no longer need to send a bunch of emails with all the documentation related to participation in a program. Add and categorize your docs for easy access and searchability and protect them with privacy and edit controls.

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A complete set of tools to boost participants engagement and participation with an engaging and gamified workplace experience, which will also allow you to score the commitment of your participants

  • Mark the presence of your participants in the different activities of the program

  • Score attendees based on their attendance to events and meetings as well as objective and goals achievement

  • Rank your participants according to their commitment

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