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Made for teamwork.

Startup Square’s powerful suite of tools helps your team to stay stronger than ever.


How it works ?

As simple as building LEGO

For universities & awards organizersFrom your program landing page to organizing your ceremony day
Promote your award
Source your participants
Organize your ceremony Day

A software that put forward your values !

Build strong relationships with your ecosystem partners (entrepreneurs, investors, coaches, judges, donors…)


With its native ability to keep track of every single action, Startup Square makes your program management workflow fully transparent


With its consolidated environment Startup Square allows trusted communication, decision making & administration traceability


With its embedded conflict of interest policy, Startup Square helps you collect, review, and monitor conflicts of interest declarations with ease and precision


With its advanced features, configurations & metrics, Startup Square is designed to help you build programs fostering diversity, equity & SDG goals


With its powerful dashboards and reports, Startup Square is made for you to make smart & data-driven decisions

Elevate your ecosystem.

Discover our apps and take your ecosystem to the next level.


Powerful apps to fuel your program efficiency !

Discover our amazing apps which will allow you to take your innovation program to the next level

Application Management

Application Management

Build highly robust and customizable forms with a seamless form builder, define evaluation criteria, assign members of a jury, rank applications based on assessments, and integrate the best projects into your program

Grant & loan management

Grant & loan management

Everything you ever wanted to manage a startup funding. From documentation due diligence data room in accordance with the donors requirements to the funds release as well as full monitoring & audit of the use of fund with full transparency & accountability

E learning

E learning

Upload all the e-learning courses & materials your team or entrepreneurs batch need to follow, as well as quizzes to assess the learning progress within an interactive experience & a comprehensive track record on progress and scores of participants.

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Empower your users with stunning features

All Users of your Innovation Programs get all the features they need : Startups Founders, Judges, coachs, investors,  program owners, Innovation officers, etc.

All of your daily tools in one place!
Fully integrated

All of your daily tools in one place!

No need to replace all your daily tools, Startup Square can integrate with them. Keep everything in one place by integrating startup square so your daily tools as calendar, conference (zoom, google meet), messaging, and more

Customize and rock your profile

Customize and rock your profile

Create your personalized profile, highlight your characteristics and strengths, join programs and bring your added value!

One account for multiple roles
Roles management

One account for multiple roles

At Startup Square, we don't like redundancy! No need to create multiple accounts! A single account will allow you to have different roles in different organizations.

Stay on top of everything with a powerful dashboard

Stay on top of everything with a powerful dashboard

Keep your top priorities front-of-mind! Startup Square’s customizable dashboard view will help you keep an eye on the tasks that matter most, check for outstanding tasks and more, all in one place

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Amazing things you can only do through Startup Square

Get the power and control you need to manage your organization’s Workspaces

White label

Our software, your brand. Easy!

Have your ever wanted to run your own innovation management platform? Now you can by using Startup Square, our most feature-rich white-label all in one platform. Make it yours !

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Data privacy

Security is our priority

Startup Square is extremely privacy-conscious. Your data will be strictly stored in your organization and you will have the option to choose what can be shared.

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